What Does the Course Cover?

  • We'll reframe networking in your mind to understand why you should do it and help you overcome any barriers to successful networking

  • You'll identify who you should be networking with and why

  • You'll identify and plan for key times to reach out to networking contacts

  • You'll learn easy-to-implement strategies to network efficiently and effectively

  • You'll create a simple and easy-to-follow networking plan designed to help you build the legal career you want

Bonus material

  • Scripts

    Scripts for key networking communications at each step of the networking cycle

  • Handouts

    Templates designed to make networking a breeze to implement and make your efforts easily trackable over time

About Your Instructor

Kelli Lanski

With over 10 years of experience practicing law at NYC’s Legal Aid and in large law firms, I’ve trained dozens of law students and lawyers in how to get their work done well and done on time, while experiencing less stress and retaining more control over their personal lives. I truly enjoy the project and people management side of legal practice, and I love helping law students and lawyers ease what can be a stressful transition from student to practitioner and excel in their law firm jobs. Check out more of my career advice at www.thecareerfiles.com.

What Are Lawyers Saying About My Advice?

  • "Amazing!"

  • "Very Helpful!"

  • "You're Doing the Lord's Work!"


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for law students and lawyers who don't know how to network, who hate networking, or who need a little extra motivation to network regularly. It's for anyone who wants to learn how to network effectively and easily.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The full course is live and ready for you. Inside, you'll find a schedule to create your personalized networking plan in one week in about 20 minutes per day. Or, you can work through the modules at your own pace. Take as long as you need to finish the course and re-review modules whenever you want.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    While I may revise and improve portions based on feedback from students like you, I plan to leave the course online permanently.

  • What if I think the course stinks?

    I hope you love the course, and I'm confident it can help you network, but I want to hear your feedback either way. If you're not satisfied, contact me within 30 days of your purchase, and I will refund your purchase price. Just email [email protected].

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